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Be visible! Obtain new customers and generate more traffic. Improve social media shares. Get reviews and grow business reputation online. Your company profile can include contacts and description, products, photo gallery and your business location on the map.


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If you are the owner of a beauty business, or if you are a user who's discovered a place not listed on Beauti Community, let us know by clicking the button below.


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Once you send the information to us, our awesome content team will verify it. To help speed up the process, please provide a contact number or email address.


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That's it! Once verified the listing will start appearing on Beauti Community. You create a listing on our site and allow business owners claim it.

Video Tutorials

Check out our how to guid on how to add your business to our platform. We have also added a few tips on how to promote your business and other essentials that will make you take advantage of this platform to its fullest.

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